Costa Rei e dintorni


The 13 kilometer coast of the municipality of Castiadas (one of the most beautiful areas in southern Sardinia) give visitors the opportunity to embark on The 13 kilometer coast of the municipality of Castiadas (one of the most beautiful areas in southern Sardinia) give visitors the opportunity to embark on a journey to discover natural pearls of rare beauty, among the most stunning of the entire Sardinia. Starting from Costa Rei, ideally on a route from north to south, you come across the solitary beach of Santa Giusta, known for the giant tortoise-shaped rock overlooking the crystal clear waters, commonly known as the “Scoglio di Peppino”.

Proceeding we meet the hill of Monte Turnu which overlooks the beautiful Cala Sant’Elmo, consisting of an alternation of rocks and small sandy coves which connect to Cala Cannisoni, behind which the deserted countryside creates a scenario saturated with colors. Then the beautiful Cala Pira, a beach of white sand, with transparent waters, boasts a beautiful restored eighteenth-century tower.


Prisons of Castiadas | Dintorni Spiagge San Pietro Resort


That which gave the name to Costa Rei, the place where prisoners served their sentences

Although over the years some have given a more idyllic interpretation of the name “Costa Rei”, attributing its origin to a coast with a royal past, the history and its evident traces certainly indicate what was once the coast of the “offenders”. Those who guiltily were deported to work the land, reclaim a depopulated territory, thus living out their imprisonment. The prisons of Castiadas and the house of the director of the penitentiary can still be visited during the rare openings to the public and are the sign of the transition from the dark past to the sunny present day.

7km | 10 minutes by car




An enchanting small village famous for events, services and its magnificent sea

In a few minutes by car from the hotel you can reach Villasimius, which extends from the Sette Fratelli mountain (north-west) to the shores of the Capo Carbonara promontory (south-east) and its enchanting tourist port. This destination is loved by many tourists who every year hang out its famous local markets and summer events. Villasimius is also well known for its unspoiled mountains, where it is possible to venture along paths and many itineraries perfect for trekking lovers, who wants to reach altitudes to admire the beautiful landscape; it is really famous Minni Minni mount, 700 meters high.

12km | 19 minutes by car


Nuraghe Asoru | Dintorni Spiagge San Pietro Resort


A past symbol meets closely the modernity of life, but does not obscure its greatness

Built during the late Bronze Age in an elevated position, the nuraghe which takes its name from the Asoru locality where it is found, dominates the entire valley to the sea visible at a distance of five kilometers. Consisting of a central tower, which can be accessed through an opening surmounted by a monolithic block, and by two smaller towers inserted in a bastion with a concave-convex perimeter that includes a small courtyard, the nuraghe is easily reached from Cagliari along the main road 125 up to the 50,900 km mark, where you can see the tower which is about ten meters from the roadside.

22km | 15 minutes by car


Sanctuary of San Priamo | Le Spiagge di San Pietro Costa Rei


Faith reaches high peaks that leave you breathless with postcard views

The enchanting sanctuary dedicated to San Priamo Martire is built on a headland facing the sea, in San Priamo, an area with a bucolic charm in the municipality of San Vito. The church has a large churchyard which can be accessed through a stone paving a few hundred meters long, which can also be traveled by car. The geometric lines are very simple with a Romanesque influence: the front stands out with an arcade marked by three arches that expose the facade, accompanied by the square bell tower. Finally, the interior is naturally illuminated by single-lancet windows.

25km | 20 minutes by car


Tower of the 10 horses | Dintorni Spiagge San Pietro Resort


The past is discovered in a secret garden between brackish waters and wild vegetation

Thanks to the constant stationing of ten riders, the watchtower built in 1500 for the safety of local populations has played a defensive role for decades thanks to its walls, of which now suggestive traces remain. Its main function was to defend against attacks from the sea, from pirates that could arrive at any time. During the summer festival of “Ohi su Moru!”, which is held here on the last Sunday of July, theatrical performances recall the battle linked to the expulsion of the Moors (invaders are also depicted on the island’s flag).

32km | 30 minutes by car


Mount Narba Mines | Dintorni Spiagge San Pietro Resort


A past now forgotten in the valley of Monte Narba, between dilapidated houses and goats

Impervious, mysterious and with “western” charm, the mines of San Vito and the now abandoned miners’ village and are the most adventurous attractions you can reach by car, via an off-road route. The noble house of the Director of the mines, of which the decadent frescoes are still visible, the manor house, surrounded by green cypresses that surround the now wild old garden, in addition to all the deposits and buildings covered with bricks, today remain something absolutely suggestive that must be observed and lived with the utmost attention (better if accompanied by a local guide!).

35km | 30 minutes by car